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Teaching Families How to Live Divorced
and Self-Esteem for Girls and Boys

Whole Heart for Boys Podcast

Whole Heart for Boys Podcast


NEW Whole Heart Podcast with Dr. Amy Stark

"Self- esteem or lack of it begins early. Children get criticized and learn to be critical. They get teased and learn to feel victimized. They see parents who do not love themselves and believe they aren’t lovable either. When we can start at the very beginning, with an understanding of always being lovable, then we can make mistakes and it’s ok. We can win or lose a game and it’s ok. We are still lovable. Whole Heart for Boys helps boys deal with how they see themselves and the problems they may be experiencing at school. With relatable comics, it points out solutions they can adopt. The book helps parents begin a discussion about how to create confidence." - Dr. Amy L. Stark

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