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Meet Gregory

Meet Gregory

Who is Gregory?

Gregory is now nearly two years old. He is as tall as Rita already, but not quite as long yet. He has a new trainer, Tim Berg, who is working with him twice a week...once at the office and once at home, because he needs to be good at both places!!!

Gregory Peck is Dr. Stark's new puppy. He is being trained to come to the office every day and work with children. His job will be to lay on the couch and snuggle. Gregory is related to Dr. Stark's former therapy dogs, Jimmy Stewart and Rita Hayworth. Gregory gets trained every week by Tim Berg. He is learning to play nice with other dogs and follow directions in the office. Gregory loves it when kids come in the office and use the puppet theater to give puppet shows! The kids who come to Dr. Stark for therapy have helped her train the dog by learning his commands and taking turns directing the dog to do certain commands. Over the years, Dr. Stark has received many letters and pictures from kids and teens about how much the dogs helped simply by being there.

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