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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Holiday Tips For Kids

The holiday season is here. I'll bet you have already made your holiday gift wish list and are wondering what presents you are going to get. Since your parents are divorced, chances are you will be spending time with each one of them during the holiday season. Although it's different than past Holidays when your family was altogether, this holiday can be just as much fun. Here are some ideas to help make things better for you and for your family:

  1. Even though your parents are divorced, you will get to spend holiday time with each one of them. This means you will get two Christmases or two Hanukkahs. You can find way to make the holidays special no matter whose house you are at. If, for example you spend Christmas Eve with one parent, do something special with them. Sometimes parents even let you open gifts on Christmas Eve so that you can enjoy your new things before visiting your other parent the next day.
  2. Don't forget to thank. You might get more presents than you did before because each parent will be buying things for you. Make sure that you thank them for everything that you get.
  3. Don't worry about the parent that you are not with. They will be fine and want you to have a good time with your other parent.
  4. When you open gifts at your mom's house---they should stay at your mom's house. When you open gifts at your dad's house — they should stay at your dad's house. This helps you have special things to play with at each parent's housewhen you are living there.
  5. If your parents get long well enough, ask them for help buying your other parent a Christmas gift. If they don't, ask for help from someone from your mom's family when buying a gift for mom, and someone from dad's family when buying a gift for dad.
  6. The holidays are for giving to others---especially kids who are not going to get all the gifts that you are getting. Make sure you also think about others and give something to a toy drive so that others kids will get to wake up to presents.
  7. Give something from your heart. Parents love it when you make coupon books for help with chores or hugs after a long day.

Make this holiday season the best that it can be by focusing on the joy of the season.

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