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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Mr. Pitt's Story

Mr Pitt's story. He was crying outside our office so we went outside to see. He was a 5 month kitten...part Abyssinian..and since he was crying we started to feed him.

Dogs can help calm us down

When we are stressed and upset, dogs can help us calm down. My therapy dogs do that with patients in my office.

Dog Love

My dogs teach me so much about love. They are so accepting of everyone’s moods…

Transitions and the Family Pet

Whenever possible, its so helpful to send the family pet when a child goes back and forth between parents.

The Sensitive Child

Some children are much more sensitive than others. They react to feelings and changes in their environments much more than other children do.

Therapy Dogs To The Rescue

I am often reminded of how important animals are in the healing process when I see my dogs with children who come to work with me.

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