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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Mr. Pitt's Story

He was crying outside our office so we went outside to see. He was a 5 month kitten...part Abyssinian..and since he was crying we started to feed him. We named him Brad Pitt, because he was a very handsome boy with nice green eyes. As he was wild he was not very friendly. I was surprised that despite being hungry he was not eating very much. I sat down by the food and he came over to wind around me. All my office mates also petted him and he started to trust us. My clients also petted him and cared about him. Finally we captured him and I brought him to the vet. He got neutered but there was a problem. He was sick. It turns out he had been hit by a car and his stomach was detached. He needed emergency surgery. As he was not my cat I was a bit overwhelmed by the cost, but everyone pitched in. The vet's wife posted pictures of him on the internet and took donations. The surgeon donated his services to save him and the vet took him home during recovery. We did not think he would make it. To keep him warm at the vets office the vet put his king charles cavalier spaniel dog in the cage with him to give him comfort and warmth. I had not expected to be having a cat, but knew I had to take him home. The other interested person from another office said they could not do it. Finally I took him home and his recovery began at home. He was also wild and untrusting so my office mate worked with him so he did not scratch me when I put his food down. He was so used to fighting for his food he thought he still had to fight to eat. We continued to work with him, bringing him to the office once a week to interact with clients who liked him. He is now loving and sweet and plays with the dogs.

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