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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

A Bright Spot in the Day

The bright spot in the day for myself and my neighbors is the butterfly nature habitat I have established, outside my office, on my front walkway. For a small area, it really performs and has attracted all sorts of wildlife to the area. 

I have bluebirds, coming daily to the bird feeder, now bringing their young to eat as well. The nature habitat has also attracted an athletic squirrel, who performs gymnastic-like tricks in the trees surrounding the habitat. 

The butterflies are magnificent with lovely monarchs, swallowtails and mourning cloaks, living in the garden. In addition to the thrill of enjoying all these 'critters' I also feel good in knowing that my small area makes a difference. I have a source of water for both birds and butterflies (shallower one for butterflies), a source of food for the birds, a bluebird house, nectar plants and milkweed, parsley, fennel and dill and rue for the butterflies to lay eggs on – everything to help the butterflies and birds thrive. 

Consider identifying a small area in your yard for a butterfly nature habitat. Then have your nature area registered with the National Wildlife and the North American Butterfly associations. Keep a notebook and write down your daily animal, bird and butterfly observations. It’s something that will bring you joy, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, all year long. 

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