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Food For Thought

Food For Thought


I have a Giving Board in my office during the holiday season. I want kids to think about what they give. Rarely do children earn money for family gifts. They sometimes don't even think about giving to family members. I remind them it’s not all about what they get, it’s about what they give. 


Kids draw or write on the Giving Board about what they can give. It can be something tangible, even to a family member, or something for the community - like a shelter. It can also be an action they take, at home or elsewhere, with the goal to help someone else.


The Giving Board reminds children to think about others and the excitement a thoughtful gift brings. It also pushes them to think about people outside their family circle who are not as privileged as they are.

Dr. Amy L. Stark is a clinical psychologist (License #PSY7828) based in Southern California. She is best known for her work with children in high-conflict divorce situations. Dr. Stark is the author of 5 books, including self-esteem books for girls and a series of illustrated children's stories. For more information www.dramystark.com


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