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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Busy, Busy

At the last office where I rented space , the general manager of the entire complex would always ask how I was and wonder if I was working hard. His way of saying it was a greeting of “busy, busy?”. Although admittedly I am a bit of a workhorse, I have tried my very best to find some kind of balance in my life. I do work hard, because I enjoy it and helping others feels good. I also balance it by having outside activities that have nothing to do with my job. As the computer and gaming systems have become a larger part of everyone’s lives I wonder if we are too busy busy and have too much time with our electronic devices and not enough time with anything else. Stop for a moment, how much time did you spend this week on the computer, a gaming system or some other device? Is that a balanced life? How might that harm your sense of self when you never have any down time to ponder your life and think about things, read a book, walk around outside, just simply’be’? When you are ‘busy-busy” from when you rise in the morning until you go to bed, that might be too much to allow you to adequately process the day’s events and learn from what is happening in your life. You might want to re-consider adjusting a few things to allow for some quiet time or time spent doing something completely free of electronics. When you do, see what happens inside. You might be surprised.

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