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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

The Importance Of Play

There are many things I love about being a therapist and working with children. One of them is that I get to play. Granted, it is purposive play with therapeutic goals and interpretations…but still, how awesome is it that my work tools are doll houses, Barbies, Mr. Potatohead, Candyland and a magic castle?

Because I actually play regularly I often forget to point out to my older clients about the healing that actual play can bring. Playing a bit every day can bring inspiration, reduce stress, lighten your mood and help you re-gain your perspective.

Play doesn’t have to be expensive. For adults sometimes play takes on a different form, such as dance, sport or a night of bunko. It can be a quick card game, throwing the ball for a pet, picking flowers, looking at the stars.

It can be something you used to do as a child and remember fondly. Something that evokes for you the feeling you had when you were growing up. An important part of healthy self-esteem is to have a healthy active inner child…one who can still remember how to marvel at the world and make taking the paper off of a straw into an adventure.

The feeling you get from play can also be infectious…if you can find humor in something during your work day it brightens the mood of everyone around you. Then when you get back to business your mood is lightened and sometimes by giving yourself a break you have boosted your confidence and helped your mind create a solution.

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