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Food For Thought

Food For Thought


It's the New Year–a new chance to begin to dream and change parts of yourself and your life. Have you taken the time to sit and reflect about what you might like to achieve this next year? Start by making a list of all life areas that you might like to change. These can include personal goals such as trying something new, making more positive self statements, eating better. If you like, you can even have more far reaching goals in other areas which could include finance, hobbies, relationships, home improvements, self growth or spiritual reflection…etc. Make a list of what you see for yourself. Then find a way to see it as done. You can either make a list of your goals or put them on a poster board with pictures that represent the change you want to see. Make sure not to let anyone see it who will not support you in your achievements. Once you have pictures or listed your goal, stop and think how you could further each one by some action you could take. If you pay attention opportunities might present themselves that can move you towards achieving your goals. Take full advantage when they do. When the goal is something you really want to achieve your goals can more easily come to life. If they are longer term goals, remember to applaud every step closer to the desired goal.

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