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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Support System

Recently I had a situation happen that upset me. I went to a colleague and asked for support. Instead of an understanding ear, I received a shame session. I heard, ‘how long have you been working”…”why are you upset”, instead of “ I will listen and help you re-gain your perspective”. I was reminded of the importance of a proper support system. As you work on your self esteem it is important to surround yourself with friends who will address your faults in a loving way and lend moral support when needed. I do not have close friends who falsely flatter me when I am wrong or should look at something. My friends point things out so that I can see them…the difference is that the ones who will remain close are the ones who are not negative in the process. I was also reminded of the importance of giving feedback without undermining and know that since I experienced this I must apply it to all the feedback that I give, making sure that I do not minimize someone’s pain…also making sure that I do not help them make it bigger than it should be. When we are put down it's a reminder about who we should trust, how we want to be spoken to and how we should try to speak to others….all a lesson in the journey.

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